3 New Self-Employment Scheme Launched in Telangana

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The state government of Telangana has decided to launch three new self employment scheme to provide livelihood to the youth. The government has introduced three types of new self employment scheme on 30th August, Tuesday.

The three schemes, Scheme-A, Scheme-B and Scheme-C will cater the needs of different project models based on the capital requirement. Under the scheme-A, for projects up to Rs. 1 lakh, 80 per cent of the unit cost will be borne by government as subsidy whereas the remaining 20 per cent amount would be provided as loan through banks.

Similarly, Scheme-B is for the projects costing between Rs. 1 Lakh to 2 Lakh. In this case, government subsidy would be 70% of the total cost while rest can be availed as loan from the banks.

Scheme-C will cater the financial needs of projects costing more than Rs. 2 Lakh. Under this scheme, the state government would bear 60% of the cost of the project or a maximum of Rs. 5 Lakh.

Allowed Activities
As per the scheme guidelines, the government will allow all types of activities under the scheme-A while only industrial or service related activities are allowed in Scheme-B and Scheme-C.

Under the Scheme-C, the small scale industry can be setup. Preference will be given to the industry being setup in the rural areas in the state.

How to Apply
The candidates selected under the Scheme-B and C would become eligible for the loan after undergoing a special Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP) training.

The eligible candidates as per the qualification and age limit can apply for the scheme through MPDO, municipal commissioners concerned. The applications then will be scrutinized and recommended to the district level committee.

Then, the district sanction committee will scrutinize the applications and accord administrative sanction to release financial assistance in the form of subsidy to the bank account of the selected beneficiary.

32 comments on “3 New Self-Employment Scheme Launched in Telangana

  1. Rajeev says:

    How to apply this loan

  2. md.yakub sharief says:

    Hi Sir My name is yakub sharief,
    am un employed, i have done my BSc and i would like to start mineral water plant in my area
    kinldy provide the loan for this project approximately 3lacs. kinldy provide the loan from our telangana government.

    thanking you
    md.yakub sharief

  3. Aravind says:

    Namaskaram sir
    Na paru Aravind Nenu degree student ni
    Ma Intlo paristula valla Nenu study apesanu nd now i want to forming,
    Flowers panta pandiddam anukuntunna meru Naku oka 50 thousand loan ivvandi sir please….

  4. Pramod Reddy says:

    Sir I m Pramod Reddy I have almost 8 acre’s of land in my village I need to start dairy farm as I m unemployed

  5. c.sunitha says:

    already Iam working i will not quit my job till i repaid your loan Amount I want to put small tuition center for Nursery to 5th standard ,as well as Drawing and painting class for summer and winter camp for primary kids , can you provide financial assistant.

  6. Srilatha says:

    Hi, I am a software employee with 5 years of experience. I would like to quit my job and dwould like to start a business and would like to create an employment opportunity in my village. I need load. please let me know how to proceed.

    Thanks in advance,

  7. krishna says:

    I need small lone Sar

  8. V.nagaraj says:

    Dear sir I needs loan of 2 lakhs iam v.nagaraj its very urjent

  9. md. arif mohiuddin says:

    Sir i want to start the dairy farm in my village as i am unemployeed since 4years
    please help me in getting the loan and purchase the buffalow for my dairy farm

  10. naresh says:

    wat happen driver empowerment scheem

  11. syed moosa says:

    Sir I need a taxicab can you help me sir for loan

  12. md shabbeer says:

    dear sir i am cinepolis employe my salari is a monthly 8000 so meku 1lack lone chahia pleese help me telangana government

  13. bhukya anjaniram says:

    Sir am a farmer i have 4 acre land i need a tractor in subsidy please provide sir

  14. D.Srinivas says:

    Dear Sir,

    My name is D.Srinivas I have completed MBA(Finance),Am business plan to Dairy Firm.So I need Rs.8,00,000/- Please provide the subsidy.

  15. Bhukya Yakub says:

    Dear sir,
    This is B.Yakub,I have completed m.tech,I am unemployed,,so I would like to start a small business in my village,I planning for dairy form,so how can I get loan how to develop my idea, I want to achieve something in that so please advise and provide towards a govt shemes and subsidy to get a loan to start​ my idea…This is very needful for me I am poor… Doesn’t matter I want achieve something in my life,….
    Warm regards
    B Yakub

  16. Jyothii says:

    Hello Team,

    I am 38 years old an MBA graduate from ST (Yerukula) community looking for subsidy scheme to start a business.

    Need someone’s guidance and advise hence request you to please provide me contact details of the concerned department. Thanks in advance

  17. mravikumar says:

    Hai sir iam un employed no job no property pls give one loan subsidy loan iam apllyed banks no give approvel pls help me

  18. madhu says:

    please tell me ts new shcemes

  19. Narender says:

    Hi sir,
    I want to start a busines in service sector. I am planning to open an organice food store in hyderabad. Please help me out with the process to avail loan. I will be thankfull to you if you send me the details, like how to avail loan, whom to approach.

  20. v pavan kumarr says:

    Dear sir,
    My name is v Pavan frm hyderabd, i started business in the year 2014, 2 yrs completed, All setup bussiness, sir i need our Telangana government business development loan support, so sir kindly please help us, how to apply , please let me know the process sir, some emergency sir please help us

  21. sureshkumar says:

    sir my name suresh iam a driver please tell me how to apply selfempioye loan
    my gmail…sureshkumar9201@gmail.com

  22. Prakash Reddy says:

    please tell about the whole information

  23. vinodjatoth says:

    sir,I have completed b.tech but no job sir so I’m starting dairyfarm sir so plz I required loan sir plz help me sir

  24. Ramesh Pasham says:

    Dear Sir,

    Greeting from Ramesh.

    I have completed Master of Business Administration ( MBA ) with finance.I would like to start a small business for the amount of 50000-100000/- with help of Telangana Govt.,May i know which business should i start and is there any training institutions are provided by Telangana Govt.,

  25. Md haneef says:

    Sir iam ladies tailor
    Sir iam loan apply
    Plese iam loan sanguine kuich sir

  26. Balraj Mudiraj says:

    Dear sir, I am try to start a small business,i dont know loan details,how to apply,how to make a loan proocess.I belongs to Mudiraj caste from BC ‘D’group.please help me sir…..

  27. Buchireddy.D says:

    Sir please tell us. Regarding full details about scheme and training

  28. Buchireddy.D says:

    Sir please tell us. details about new scheme and how to apply and where to train

  29. keesari anjaneyulu says:

    Dear sir , I am unemploye. I have land 5acras with whater place sir. So will starting dairy farm with 10 Buffalo’s but I wants yours cooperative with subsidy..thanks to you sir… please help me sir

  30. LONKA.PRAKASH says:

    Sar iam unemplay so give the loan sar iam stating dairy farm but no money so give the Sabsidi loan sar bankars was not give the loan sar iam backward cast ireqvested sar please help me Sar my

  31. Raj says:

    Plse tell us the details about new schms in ts. And how to apply

  32. naresh yadav says:

    were is the special Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP) training will be held and how to apply it . pls send me the details…

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