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Arogya Raksha Scheme Launch in Andhra Pradesh
January 2, 2017 | Last Modified: March 19, 2017 at 12:34 pm | Category: Andhra Pradesh

The state government of Andhra Pradesh has launched Arogya Raksha, a universal health insurance scheme for the people of the state. The Arogya Raksha scheme would cover people Above Poverty Line to provide them an insurance coverage of up to Rs. 2 Lakh per annum. The scheme was announced by the Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu on New Year, 1st January 2017.

Arogya Raksha Health Insurance Scheme

The main objective of Arogya Raksha scheme is to cover the APL families in the state and provide them the health insurance. Through the scheme, the state government aims to ensure “Health for All” by providing them insurance coverage at a negligible premium amount.

A total of 1044 diseases would be covered under the Arogya Raksha scheme. There are a total of 432 hospitals including 80 government general hospitals which have been empaneled for the implementation of the scheme. The Arogya Raksha scheme would provide health insurance coverage to about 35 Lakh APL families in the state.

Arogya Raksha Premium Amount

To avail the Arogya Raksha scheme benefits, every individual would be required to pay Rs. 100 per month or Rs. 1200 per annum. TO avail the family benefits, ever individual in the family would be required to pay Rs. 1200 per annum as the policy premium.

The World Health Organisation, Bill Gates Foundation and other noted health organizations are supporting the government in implementing this scheme.

Apply Online for Arogya Raksha

Registrations for Arogya Raksha scheme are being invited and the interested applicants should enroll themselves into the scheme between January 1st and February 28th. The coverage period would however starts from 1st April 2017. The applications are being invited through Mee seva centers across the state.

There are a total of 5481 Mee Seva Centers across the state where the application forms for Arogya Raksha scheme can be filled. The list of Mee Seva centers in the state can be found by visiting the link below.

List of Mee Seva Centers

Arogya Raksha scheme would be linked to the Aadhar Number of the beneficiaries and in order to avail the cashless treatment through the scheme, one only needs to show their Aadhar number at any of the empaneled private and government hospitals.

Online applications for Arogya Raksha Scheme
The interested applicants can also apply online for the Arogya Raksha scheme using the following step by step procedure.

STEP 1: Visit the following link to open the website for online application/registration
Arogya Raksha Online Registration

STEP 2: Enter your Aadhar Number and click “Check Aadhar” button. As shown in the image below

Arogya Raksha Scheme

Arogya Raksha Scheme

STEP 3: After clicking “Check Aadhar” button, you will get an OTP (One Time Password) on your registered mobile number. Enter the OTP an click the “Verify Button”.
If your mobile number is not registered, you will be required to visit the nearest Mee-Seva center and get your mobile number registered against your Aadhar Number.

STEP 4: Once, OTP is verified, you will see family details on the next screen along the images of family members. Here you can click “Apply Arogya Raksha” to register for the scheme.

STEP 5: If you are eligible for the scheme, you may proceed to pay the premium through online payment gateway. OR, if you are not eligible, screen will show a message that “FAIL, You are not eligible to register in the scheme”.

STEP 6: Pay the premium amount online and you will get a Arogya Raksha Claim Number.

STEP 7: YOU ARE DONE! Use this claim number or your Aadhar Number to receive cashless treatment for covered diseases for up to Rs. 2 Lakh.

List of Hospitals & Procedures under NTR Arogya Raksha Scheme

The detailed list of government & private hospitals and covered medical procedure & packages can be found at the below links.
List of Government Hospitals | List of Private Hospitals | List of Procedures | Follow-Up Packages

For more information about NTR Arogya Raksha health insurace scheme, please visit the following link

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  1. rakesh says:

    any govt schemes sent on my email id

  2. G P Jagannadh says:

    Really the all present government schemes are for the better living standards and welfare of the public long live CM




    hatsoff c.m

  5. m.v.satyanarayana says:

    Great scheme

  6. NSVRamanamurthy says:

    Very good idea to provide health for all.The govt shall take proper care for its implementation successfully.

  7. Satya says:

    It is better the govt published term & conditions, etc. This TDP govt does fancy announcements but fails in implementation.

  8. Bandaru Gautam says:

    Great scheme. Just like in the west , every citizens can benefit.

  9. ymm says:

    what if citizens have health insurances with other insurance companies, nothing been mentioned about it

  10. Divakara Rao says:

    Once OTP is entered in the field, there is no verify OTP button available in the screen

  11. siva kumar says:

    CHeck in Internet Explorer

  12. n.s.r.s.narayana says:

    sir please give the panal hospitals list in aarogya raksha sheame in andra pradesh.

  13. P BHASKAR V REDDY says:

    Y S Rajasekar reddy started arogyasree and forgotton us who are just above poverty line.
    I pray god to give long life to our CM chandrababu naidu for starting arogyaraksha for not only just above poverty line but for all andhrapradesh citizens. this arogyaraksha is medical revolution and being born in anhra I WISH EVERYONE UTILISE THE SCHEAME.

  14. Sivannarayana says:

    Sir We are 4 Family members. We want for 1 Member from Family. there is no option for pay to 1 person from Family

  15. Ram prathap says:

    can anybody tell me BPL also applicable for this scheame, and after registered shall we proceed to hospitals

  16. A.PRABHAKAR RAJU says:

    I have enrolled three members in my family in sadikara survey but I need only for two members AROGYA RAKSHA scheme is it possible

  17. G.krushna rao says:

    My wife went for to enroll her name in arogya raksha scheme at near meeseva center.after getting the otp number they said you and your family are not fit for this scheme.i dont know the reason why this has happend.

  18. ch.neeladri rao says:

    sir we 3 members family 2 elders were coverd by another medical scheme we need the left over child can we take the polocy for the child who is not coverd any insurence

  19. ch.neeladri rao says:

    in my fami two elder one child the two elders were coverd some insurece polocy we need to the polocy for the child is it possible

  20. T.Lalith Kumar says:

    sir , this scheme is very useful for APL , kindly provide card related to arogya raksha for the family . and also give tax benefit under 80D exemption to this card holders.

  21. D. Venkateswara Rao says:

    It’s really a very good scheme for the people who doesn’t have Arogyasree cards. We thank our CM for this and promises him that we will never forget him.

  22. K.v.janardhan says:

    I paid amount for arogya raksha.. how can i get claim member card. Please give me reply.

  23. Nagarjuna says:

    Can you please provide the list hospitals covered in this Arogya Raksha?

    Thanks in Advance..

  24. Bhanu Prakash says:

    Money paid online…Amount debited immediately…But no acknowledgement as such….Looks like a fraud scheme….I would appreciate either acknowledgement or money back….

  25. Bhanu Prakash says:

    Please dont do online registration…I forgot this is government website and lost money….

  26. Shaik Nawazsharif says:

    Our family have arogya sri are we eligible for arogya Raksha health scheme
    If yes,
    1. Are our eligible for both the benefits or only one
    2. issured can we get the premium amount

  27. Shaik Nawazsharif says:

    Sir we have arogya sri for our family are we eligible for arogya Raksha health scheme
    If yes,
    1. Are we eligible for the benefits of both the scheme or only one
    2.if we pay the premium can we get sum assured or premium back or not

  28. Sravan says:

    Online payment working fine or not?
    Can anyone help me out in this please

  29. Rama Prasad A says:

    Sir, How can I get premium paid bill for the purpose of Income Tax submission

  30. B.Appi Reddy says:

    It is really good scheme benefittin many people. It should,hoever, ensured that the scheme is implemented without any hitches. Why the enrolment is allowed for a limited period. It may be made a continuous process. AppiReddy, guntur

  31. Mukundarao Tamada says:

    Very good scheme especialy foe senior citizens

  32. venkat says:

    Thnanks for useful info

  33. satyanarayana says:




  35. maturu dhanjayarao says:

    applying the ntr arogya rajsha is not asks to delete the family numbers,who are enrolled in this scheme.
    plz clarify me as soon as possible

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