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November 17, 2016 | Last Modified: April 1, 2017 at 2:40 pm | Category: Central Government

GST (Goods & Services Tax) official website is now live and is open for online enrollment for smooth transition to GST. GSTN, the company which is building the mega IT infrastructure for roll-out of the new GST regime in India has launched the official portal silently on 8th November, the same day Narendra Modi announced the ban of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes.

The government has already started the migration of 65 lakh VAT payers, 20 lakh service taxpayers and 3-4 lakh central excise taxpayers into the new GST regime.

4 Data centers in Delhi and Banglore will be established to keep the massive data safe ans secure and support the IT infrastructure of GST regime.

Log on to to know more about the Goods and Services Tax or online enrollment.

What the GST portal will do?

GST portal will act as a single windows for all the taxpayers to pay their taxes smoothly and easily instead of various heads and spectrums earlier.

All the taxpayers including traders, businessman, and merchants can now pay their monthly/yearly excise duty, service tax, VAT and all other types of direct/indirect taxes through Debit/Credit cards or NEFT/RTGS protocols. The portal will also act as IT backbone for registering new businesses, filing e-returns, and getting back refunds.

As per update in, around 60% of the software to run and support GST structure is ready and work on rest is in progress. Testing of integration of various states and central taxes on goods and services is going on on the website.

GST will make a uniform tax structure pan-India before April, 2017 when GST is formally implemented.

The transition of taxpayers has been started and below are the dates for enrollments for state-wise GST transition.

Start & Last Date for GST Enrollment

State Start Date End Date % Enrolled
Puducherry 08-11-2016 30-04-2017 78.24%
Sikkim 08-11-2016 30-04-2017 46.58%
Maharashtra 14-11-2016 30-04-2017 87.92%
Goa 14-11-2016 30-04-2017 58.23%
Daman and Diu 14-11-2016 30-04-2017 66.56%
Dadra and Nagar Haveli 14-11-2016 30-04-2017 68.54%
Chhattisgarh 14-11-2016 30-04-2017 82.0%
Gujarat 15-11-2016 30-04-2017 87.29%
Odisha 30-11-2016 30-04-2017 48.38%
Jharkhand 30-11-2016 30-04-2017 58.68%
Bihar 30-11-2016 30-04-2017 59.68%
West Bengal 30-11-2016 30-04-2017 75.09%
Madhya Pradesh 30-11-2016 30-04-2017 80.08%
Assam 30-11-2016 30-04-2017 23.64%
Tripura 30-11-2016 30-04-2017 40.37%
Meghalaya 30-11-2016 30-04-2017 16.48%
Nagaland 30-11-2016 30-04-2017 51.47%
Arunachal Pradesh 30-11-2016 30-04-2017 23.64%
Mizoram 30-11-2016 30-04-2017 33.07%
Manipur 30-11-2016 30-04-2017 39.66%
Uttar Pradesh 16-12-2016 30-04-2017 68.42%
Jammu and Kashmir 16-12-2016 30-04-2017 0.51%
Delhi 16-12-2016 30-04-2017 64.24%
Chandigarh 16-12-2016 30-04-2017 81.38%
Haryana 16-12-2016 30-04-2017 66.04%
Punjab 16-12-2016 30-04-2017 75.93%
Uttarakhand 16-12-2016 30-04-2017 74.23%
Himachal Pradesh 16-12-2016 30-04-2017 45.51%
Rajasthan 16-12-2016 30-04-2017 74.88%
Kerala 01-01-2017 30-04-2017 68.12%
Tamil Nadu 04-01-2017 30-04-2017 86.97%
Karnataka 01-01-2017 30-04-2017 92.8%
Telangana 01-01-2017 30-04-2017 77.47%
Andhra Pradesh 01-01-2017 30-04-2017 85.66%
Enrolment of Taxpayers who are registered under Central Excise Act but not registered under State VAT 07-01-2017 30-04-2017 12.95%
Enrolment of Taxpayers who are registered under Service Tax Act but not registered under State VAT 25-01-2017 30-04-2017 29.72%
New registration under VAT/Service Tax/Central Excise after January 2016 01-02-2017 30-04-2017 Not Yet Started

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